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    4. Tel:400-9028-517

      Our service

      One-stop packaging printing solution provider

      • Prepress Processes

        Experienced packaging prepress engineer, customized design and production integration solutions for customers!

      • Finished product sampling

        HD digital proofing machine and standard color management. Intelligent cutting robot and perfect box graph library!

      • Small batch customization

        Small batch customization starts with a finished product, with good quality, low cost and fast delivery!

      • One-stop service

        Provide customers with one-stop technical services for prepress document processing, digital printing proofing, and post-press finished product production!

      About Us

      One-stop packaging printing solution provider

        Focused on printing and packaging business, Tianjin Fussen Digital Printing and Packaging Company has accumulated more than 15-year rich experience in supplying comprehensive technical solutions from pre-print art work, color management to final finished printing products. Our aim is to supply one-stop printing service for customers in order to shorten time of proofing, lower sampling costs and provide perfect services for improving packaging value.

        We have extensive expertise in printing and packaging production line more than 15 years. From pre-printing graphic design by Adobe Genuine Software, perfect color management system to complete post-printing process, whether you need gold or silver foil stamping, embossing or debossing, gloss or matte laminating, corrugated or art paper mounting, spot UV, book binding or die-cutting, we have you covered.